An image taken of me in Nepal in 1997Gday, and welcome to Thanks for taking the time to visit my site. I suppose you’ve come to this page to learn a little more about myself, and what the DigiDrift travel blog is all about. In short, I put the site together based on three great passions of mine. Those three passions being, travel, photography and technology.

The name DigiDrift came about during a personal brain storm back in 2009, and is based around the theme of the three passions as described above. Over the past 20 years, my travels have taken me to a vast and diverse array of destinations, on this chaotic and somewhat imperfect planet of ours. Some people say it’s a small world, but if there’s one thing I’ve come to learn throughout my travels, and that’s just how enormous it really is.

The DigiDrift Travel Motto. What’s It All About?

Whilst overlanding through Africa many years ago, I came up with my travel motto. ‘The more you see, the less you’ve seen!’. Some people understand it’s meaning straight away, whilst others do ponder over it a little. Basically it translates to, the more of the world you experience, the bigger you come to realize it actually is. Thus bringing you full circle, and to the conclusion that you haven’t really seen that much at all. From which the infinite loop starts over again, as you strive to see more (confused yet?).

After many years of travel through almost 100 countries (more info on what defines a country), I had begun to amass a great number of photo’s, as well as many tales of the adventures I’ve found myself in, along this life journey.

What I Hope To Bring To The Table

Through future posts to the blog, I hope to share with you an insight into what I’ve experienced, and learned throughout my many years of travel. I will also post other general travel related articles, that will hopefully ignite your passion and desire for adventure.

Hopefully I’ll also give you a bit of a laugh now and then, and maybe to stir up a bit of discussion from time to time. More importantly though, I hope to inspire others to find that sense of adventure, and to take that path less traveled. If you like what you see here, then you can subscribe to my RSS feed for future updates, or subscribe via Email and get future posts delivered straight to your inbox.

As they say in the classics, it’s all about the journey and not the destination.

Safe travels….

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