Image of The Week: Moscow’s St Basil’s Cathedral and The Walls of The Kremlin

This weeks image was captured on cold and snowy day in April 2007. It was many years since I first visited Russia back in 1994. I noticed considerable changes to the country during the second visit, but the one thing that stood out most, was the cost of traveling there. Moscow has now become incredibly expensive, and is ranked among the most expensive cities in the world.

The image captures many of Moscow’s most famous land marks. St Basil’s Cathedral on the left hand side, and the towers that line the impenetrable walls of the Kremlin on the right. Last but not least is Lenin’s tomb in the center of the image, being guarded by a lonely Russian police officer.

An Image of St Basils Cathedral with the Walls of the Kremlin and Lenin's Tomb

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DigiDrift – This Image by Jason Webb is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

St Basil’s Cathedral and The Kremlin Are Located Here


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  • Cumidanciki

    That’s lonesome guard says it all ;)

  • Emm

    That is really stunning and a great composition. I have never been to Russia and thought I never would when I learned how expensive visas are but I might take advantage of the fee-free World Cup visas.

  • Jason

    Hey Ciki, Your spot on with that. This is normally quite a busy area, and although I took this shot in the early morning, there would normally be allot more people in the general vicinity of these sights. From memory, It snowed quite heavily only an hour or so after I took this photo.

  • Jason

    Hey Emm, Thanks for the praise on the shot. Russia is a very interesting place to visit, and I even if you don’t venture to far afield, I highly recommend at least a visit to Moscow and St Petersburg. I wasn’t aware of the fee free Visa for the World Cup, but it makes sense on their behalf. They will no doubt do this for the up and coming Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014 as well.

  • Dave from The Longest Way Home

    Nice capture in the snow. I don’t think I’ve seen any of these landmarks from this angle before. Hope the Russians didn’t mind you tramping on their daisy’s to get it!

  • Andi Perullo

    Seriously is the coolest looking cathedral ever!

  • Jason

    Hey Andi, Your spot on. I love the architecture of the Russian Orthodox churches, and St Basil’s is well maintained and made for great photo opportunities. The colorful mosaic tiles on the inside also made for great photo’s and I will no doubt post one of those some day in the future.

  • Jason

    Hey Dave, Yeah it’s sometimes tough getting a different angle of places such as these, as you would undoubtably know. I wasn’t in the garden bed, but quite close to it. I think I was lucky that it was such a cold day, and there wasn’t much foot traffic in the area.

  • Steve

    That is a very nice looking photo. There are so many landmarks in it.

  • Jason

    Thanks mate. It was a nice angle to capture all the main tourist attractions around the Red Square precinct. I think the weather helped me, by keeping a lot of people away. It was also quite early in the morning.

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