Photography has been a bi-product of my travels, and although I have never taken any courses in the field, I do take a keen interest on trying to get some great images whilst on the road. When first leaving home in 1992, on what turned out to be a 4 year round the world odyssey, the only camera equipment I owned, was a $200 point and shoot from Kmart. This camera served me well for several months, but whilst in a youth hostel in Banff, I got talking to some guy that had just returned from a 3 month trip to Africa. He showed me some amazing prints from his trip.

There were shots of the gorilla’s, cheetah and volcanoes, all blown up to A3 size and  looked incredible.

I knew that if I was going to see as much of the world as planned, then I needed to get some decent gear. Whilst in Miami, before heading to South America for the first time I bought my first SLR, the canon EOS 1000 with a portrait and zoom lens. I carried this camera for many years and I shot numerous rolls of film with it. I was so paranoid about the film being lost or stolen, that from time to time I would post the canisters home in small quantities, where my dad would have them developed. It was actually 4 years until I had viewed any of the photographs that I had taken, except for a small number that were posted to me in London.

I have now moved into the digital age, and carry a Canon EOS 350 with various lenses, and the images taken from 2005 onwards are all digital. I have also spent many painstaking hours converting my film archive to digital, via a film scanner that I have purchased. For anyone about to undertake this task, I wish you luck, and if your film archive is large then say goodbye to several months (or years) of your life.

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