Image of The Week: Rwanda – Gorilla Mother and Baby

This image was taken at Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, in 2003. The day we spent with these magnificent creatures was amazing, and something I will never forget, for as long as I live. This was my second time sitting with the Gorilla’s, as I’d also seen them in Zaire about 10 years previous. We were also very lucky to meet Dr George Schaller on this day, who was in Rwanda with Discovery Chanel, filming the 40th anniversary of his initial research into Gorilla’s before being handed over to Diane Fossey. With all the drama’s in the region of late, I hope the Mountain Gorilla population has not suffered to greatly, and people can continue to have an experience such as ours.

Rwanda - Gorilla Mother and Baby

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  • GlobalButterfly

    Nature just dazzles me!

  • Peter

    You captured these gorillas brilliantly. This seriously looks like a posed portrait. The looks on their faces just makes you wonder what thoughts are going through their minds. Just awesome!

  • Jason

    Hey Peter, Yeah this is one of my personal favourites. Every time I look at it, great memories come flooding back. In a way, it was as if they were posing for a portrait. After a couple of minutes, the Gorilas become used to your presence and just go about their daily business of eating and sleeping. The younger ones would just play about and get up to all kinds of mischief, and it was actually hard to get them to stop for a moment to get a nice capture. Thanks for stopping by.

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