Image of The Week: Cambodia – Royal Palace Cart Man

This image was taken early one morning in front of Cambodia’s Royal Palace, in the countries capital of Phnom Phen. The day before, I spotted the freshly painted bright yellow wall, surrounding the Royal Palace. I decided to come back early one morning as the light would be spot on. I sat and waiting until this man pulling a cart went by.

Cambodia - Royal Palace Cart Man

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  • Anonymous

    Love the photo, the yellow is quite intense.

  • GlobalButterfly

    Such a great shot! The yellow backdrop is PERFECT.

  • Jason

    Thanks Andi. The wall was in no doubt recently painted, and the morning light was intensely beaming off it.

  • Jason

    Thanks Nick.

  • Steve

    This brings me back to when I was in Phnom Penh. Loved it there. Great photo

  • Jason

    Thanks Andi. Yeah the yellow wall is pretty intense. The light was perfect and the wall was in no doubt recently painted.

  • Jason

    Thanks Steve. Although many people who visit Cambodia, don’t spend much time in the nation’s capital. Both Liza and I really enjoyed our time there, and had a great time relaxing in the cafe’s, bars and restaurants. We especially liked the FCC (Foreign Correspondants Club), where we would enjoy a drink overlooking the street below, and watched Cambodian life pass us by.

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