Image of The Week: Finland – Shack in The Snow

Whilst Liza was driving through the snow and ice on Finland’s E8 highway, I was on the lookout for some good photo opportunities. This shot was taken basically right on the Arctic Circle, line of latitude. We stopped off at a coffee shop that straddles the Arctic Circle, and whilst Liza was inside, I went for a walk and spotted this shack in the snow on the other side of the highway. It was an overcast day, but the sun was beginning to break through, and made for a great setting.

Image of The Week: Finland - Shack in The Snow

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  • GlobalButterfly

    It’s a really powerful photograph! Looks sooo cold!!!

  • Erica Kuschel

    Oh man I’m a sucker for black and white. It really brings out the textures in the picture.

  • Jason

    Completely agree Erica. About half of my best images are in Black and White. Although all are taken digitally in colour and later converted. When taking many shots I know at the time, that I will be converting this particular image to Black and White. I especially love clouds in black and white photography. In some colour images if the light isn’t favourable, clouds don’t seem to have the same impact, and can be a little distracting.

  • Jason

    Andy, thanks for your comment. I do like this image, and consider it one of my best to date. For the time of year, it was actually quite mild according to the locals, but for us being from Australia, yes it was cold.

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